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En aquest apartat hi trobareu una activitat en anglès relacionada amb el tema del mes.

Imatge representativa Títol Resum Data de creació
My school, the place where I grow up I would like you to prepare a good presentation explaining which have been your better experiencies at school Dll, 27/04/2015
Ramon Llull Who is Ramon Llull? He is a catalan writer who made a lot for catalan language and literature. Come with us to know him! Ds, 28/03/2015
With o without you We want you to write an essay whith your proposals to change the education system. Dll, 09/02/2015
Give me the light with your shadows Turn off the lights, light a lantern... Give me the light with your shadows! Let your imagination go and have some fun. Dll, 26/01/2015
Examining altruism What is altruism for you? Dm, 11/11/2014
How to be a good Journalist Have you ever imagined to be a journalist? Would you like to tell what’s happening in the world? Let the world heard you! Dj, 30/10/2014
My amazing best friend! Which are the most amazing features of your best friend? Dg, 14/09/2014
New!!! New activity!!! Dj, 11/09/2014
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