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En aquest apartat hi trobareu una activitat en anglès relacionada amb el tema del mes.

Imatge representativa Títolordenació descendent Resum Data de creació
Examining altruism What is altruism for you? Dm, 11/11/2014
Give me the light with your shadows Turn off the lights, light a lantern... Give me the light with your shadows! Let your imagination go and have some fun. Dll, 26/01/2015
How to be a good Journalist Have you ever imagined to be a journalist? Would you like to tell what’s happening in the world? Let the world heard you! Dj, 30/10/2014
My amazing best friend! Which are the most amazing features of your best friend? Dg, 14/09/2014
My school, the place where I grow up I would like you to prepare a good presentation explaining which have been your better experiencies at school Dll, 27/04/2015
New!!! New activity!!! Dj, 11/09/2014
Ramon Llull Who is Ramon Llull? He is a catalan writer who made a lot for catalan language and literature. Come with us to know him! Ds, 28/03/2015
With o without you We want you to write an essay whith your proposals to change the education system. Dll, 09/02/2015
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